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I resisted using that word for many years. It sounded pompous and I associated it with my heroes, Debussy, Britten and Rachmaninov, Bernstein, Stravinsky and Reich. But I've become a little more comfortable with it and it describes what I'm lucky enough to spend my time doing. Although 'music writer' would probably do.

Currently I'm working on Series 2 of the Channel 4 drama, Before We Die, with Lesley Sharp, my Club Tropicana remix with Andrew Ridgeley from Wham!, under the name drummar, has just been released and I'm co-writing and producing an album with Min Kym, an amazing violinist and a hugely talented co-composer.



I knew I wanted to write music from a very early age and I was lucky enough to have parents who thought that was ok and went without a lot of stuff to help me get the training I needed. I got a scholarship to the Purcell School when I was 10 and joined NYJO at 16.


Staying out late every night at the 606 Jazz club - and a general disdain for education - meant I didn't get the grades to go to university, so I ended up working in a music shop for a couple of years, where I met loads of amazing people and moved into programming and production.

Some stuff happened.

In the last decade or so I've been mainly writing for TV and film. You can take a look at my credits here if you're interested in that sort of thing.


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